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Drive ownership of your most important metrics.
Free for teams.

Your team has limitless potential. Tap into it with Viewshed – the only company dashboard that aligns your plans and your people. Without more meetings.

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Track & visualize progress towards strategic goals

Visualize the metrics that matter, track their progress, and see who is responsible and accountable to them. All in a single, easy-to-grok treemap style dashboard.

Showcase your one, big unified goal

Keep your goal front and center so that team members always know exactly what they're striving for.

Organize metrics by focus area

Whether you're an objectives, departments, focus areas, or functional kinda person, you can organize your metrics into related pods for quicker understanding.

Dig deeper when you need to

See something you just have to know more about, click in for the detail view

Ready to get your team pulling in the same direction?

Visually map how everyone’s efforts are coming together towards your one, big, unified goal.

Simple & Focused Features

Ditch the learning curve of other strategy software providers. Viewshed's simple feature set gives you everything you need without the bloat.

Goals & Objectives

Regardless of what you choose to call them, you can track the big thing you want to accomplish

Focus Areas

Break down your goals and objectives into focus areas to organize your dashboard


Track the key metrics that matter and see who is accountable and responsible to them

Stoplight Metrics

Set values for when something should be red, yellow, or green. Or whichever colors you choose.

Custom Branding

Add your logo and colors to give the dashboard a branded feel

Milestone Tracking

See not only where you are, but where you’ve been and where you’re going

Weekly Reminders

Don’t let “I forgot” be an excuse for not filling out your weekly metrics. 


Quickly see who is responsible or accountable for any KPI so you know who to talk to when things flash red

Treemap Inspired

Not all of your efforts have the same impact. Give the big ones more space on your dashboard.

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Built for your entire team - not just execs

We believe strategy is for everyone. So we made Viewshed easy for your entire team to access and ridiculously easy to use and set up. If you’re looking for a way to sync your team and get everyone pulling in the same direction, Viewshed is the strategy synchronization software you need.

Get Your Team to Hit More Goals

With Viewshed

Everyone is rowing in the same direction and you consistently hit 80% of your goals.

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Without Viewshed

Everyone is rowing in different directions and you can’t seem to hit more than 30% of your goals every quarter.

rowboat with team rowing in different directions
"Dashboards tell you what you ned to know. Not what you want to believe."
keith cunningham
Keith Cunningham

Align your plans and your people. For free.

If you’re ready to get your team pulling in the same direction, it’s time tto try Viewshed. The only company dashboard that helps teams sync with their strategy in less than five minutes a day.

Get started for free today and pay only when you automatic metric tracking or custom branding.


Do everything you need with a free plan or upgrade to paid for on-brand, automatic metric tracking

Plans & Features


$0/ accountable user per month


$2/ accountable user per month


$8/ accountable user per month

Manual Tracking
Stoplight Metrics
Zapier Integration
Custom Integrations